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Light Rail & Tram

DaviesBaird is the leading supplier of cast manganese steel switches, mates and crossings

DaviesBaird Pty Ltd is subsidiary of Castcorp Pty Ltd, a wholly Australian owned company. Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to any order accepted by DaviesBaird. To view a copy of these terms and conditions please click here. Alternatively a copy can be provided upon request.

There are some key points from the Terms and Conditions of Sale that should be noted and some additional terms and conditions specific to orders accepted by DaviesBaird.


The sand casting process involves pouring molten metal into a sand mould to form a complex shape when solidified. Inherent in this process are discontinuities in the final metal matrix due to the pouring and solidification of the metal. These can be rectified to an acceptable level by using casting methods and welding of surface discontinuities. The acceptable levels of delivery of castings are specified by International and National Standards. DaviesBaird manufactures castings to conform to these Standards, including AS 4738.1 Metal Castings – Ferrous Sand Moulded, and ISO 4990 Steel Castings – General Technical Delivery Requirements. Buyers should consult these Standards.


  • Our quotations are based on commercial grade castings unless otherwise specified. These castings are visually inspected but not generally subject to non-destructive testing such as crack detection, ultrasonic testing or radiography.
  • Before final quotation, the customer must specify any special test or inspection requirements, metallurgical properties, certification, tolerances and supplementary requirements. AS 4738 is our preferred reference, with Clause 4 “Information to be supplied by the Purchaser” providing excellent guidelines.
  • The quoted delivery date is as available at the time of quotation and can change with time before placement of order.


  • DaviesBaird will use reasonable endeavours to deliver goods by any confirmed delivery date but will not be liable to the Customer for any direct, indirect or consequential losses arising from failure to meet the delivery date.


  • Steel sand castings manufactured using current best practice may in any case contain discontinuities. As such, steel sand castings may not be suitable for every engineering application.
  • For advice on engineering with castings, contact DaviesBaird’s Technical Manager. Such advice is general in nature, and DaviesBaird expressly do not guarantee that a purchaser subsequently ordering a cast steel product has made an appropriate choice of design, material, manufacturing method, installation, operation or maintenance with respect to that product.
  • Given that discontinuities may be present in castings, it is tacit in our acceptance of orders that reasonable welding using proven welding procedures can be used to repair them. This is normal in current best practice casting manufacture. The customer must nominate the specific quality requirements before the casting is made. Any agreed variation after acceptance of an order may incur extra charges.


  • Orders can only be cancelled with the written consent of DaviesBaird and subject to recovery of costs already incurred at the time of cancellation.


  • Quoted prices are based on patterns being provided to us - free issue - that are suitable for DaviesBaird production. Pattern work, if required, will incur additional charges. Customers will be responsible for agreed cost of pattern work resulting from normal wear and tear.
  • Unless otherwise specified, castings will be provided to patterns supplied and subject to casting shrinkage and contraction. Compliance to drawings will be at the customer's expense unless patterns have been supplied by DaviesBaird.
  • For mutual convenience, we may agree to store patterns that are likely to be used within 3 years, at our works, however DaviesBaird will not be responsible for any loss or damage of such pattern equipment.


DaviesBaird are more than a steel foundry. We are able to offer a number of services, utilising the metallurgical and engineering resources we have available. Read More>>


DaviesBaird is a foundry and engineering company, supplying castings, testing, machining, and assembly that always meets or exceeds customer’s requirements. Read More>>

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