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Light Rail & Tram

DaviesBaird is the leading supplier of cast manganese steel switches, mates and crossings

In the 1880’s Davies & Baird began supplying cable pulley wheels and other castings to Melbourne Tramways. The company produced the first cast tramway trackwork around 1940.

Davies & Baird is now the leading supplier of cast manganese steel switches, mates and crossings to the light rail and tramway systems in Australia. Our competitive prices and reputation for quality and reliable delivery has opened up markets for these products in Canada, the USA and Asia.

Over the years, with the introduction of computer aided design facilities and the experience and innovativeness of our staff, designs have been created which make the cast points and crossings unbeatably cost effective. Pattern making has been simplified by improved techniques that guarantee dimensional accuracy. The cast components are machined and assembled in our specially equipped plant. The manganese steel that is used can be welded using special welding methods, allowing joining of sections.

light rail & tram



DaviesBaird are more than a steel foundry. We are able to offer a number of services, utilising the metallurgical and engineering resources we have available. Read More>>


DaviesBaird is a foundry and engineering company, supplying castings, testing, machining, and assembly that always meets or exceeds customer’s requirements. Read More>>

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